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Download e-book for iPad: A beekeeping guide by Harlan H D Attfield

By Harlan H D Attfield

ISBN-10: 0866191542

ISBN-13: 9780866191548

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Keep ~only those colonies that are calm and quiet, produce lots of and defend their hives against moths, swarm little, honey, (see Figures 22 through 251, and robber wax beetles, ants bees from other hives. Figure 22. Lesser Figure 24. Wax beetle Figure wax llloth 23. "Death's Head Moth Figure 33 25. Ant About one-half of the bees are lost when 2. -----___ Prevent swarming. --A crowded brood chamber is one of the main swarm. they Always make sure that bees have enough causes of swarming. addiroom in the brood chamber and honey super by adding tional brood boxes or supers before current ones are cDmpletely filled.

After a few moments, the inner cover should be removed and placed upside down against the hive. The frames should be pried apart with the hive tool, taken out, and examined one by one. They should be handled carefully over the open hive and turned as shown in Figure 21. During this work, the queen should always be kept in mind. The frame on which she is located should be placed back in the hive The frames should be handled gently and crushing the early. bees should be avoided. If you should be stung by a bee, the sharp edge of a hive tool should be used to take out the stinger as quickly as possible.

Bees usually start swarming when a colony has become overcrowded just before the honey season. Bees may also swarm or leave the hive when food sources or water become scarce, when there are small food reserves in the hive, or when the hive is destroyed. fertile egg in Before the bees swarm, the queen lays a single each of the prepared queen cells. She then leaves the hive, with about half the bees, in search of a new home. The remaining bees in the hive wait for a new queen to mature. The new queen mates with the drones and the colony life goes on.

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A beekeeping guide by Harlan H D Attfield

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