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A Linguistic Theory of Translation - download pdf or read online

By Catford J C

ISBN-10: 0194370186

ISBN-13: 9780194370189

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Este libro trata de desestabilizar l. a. mente logica del lector, proponiendole otra forma de mirar los angeles existencia, enfocada desde un nivel mas elevado. Sus objetivos son tres: desplazar el punto focal de su conciencia de si llevandola hacia un nivel mas elevado, mas proximo a l. a. Divinidad. Liberarle de las limitaciones que los angeles mente le ha impuesto.

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The Russian who says My foot hurts, when he means ' M y leg hurts' is using purely English exponents, but transferring the contextual meaning of Russian noga into an English text. Transferences of this kind occur, though in what is not strictly a translation-situation, in Indian English—for instance in novels about India written in English by Indians. Examples 6 are government used, like Hindi sarkar, to mean not only the institution of government but also (sp. as a term of address) a person who represents government; fiower-bed, used by B.

Using the set of English colour terms, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, we can set u p a n approximate translation-equivalence diagram as follows: Form: R 1 O Y G B I P English Substance: X y z Form: "Ticif"* + 100 dootl'i¥ The spectrum Navaho T h e visible spectrum is a continuum of situation-substance. This substantial continuum is dissected and organized into the contextual meanings of English and Navaho linguistic forms roughly as indicated—though, of course, with much less clearcut divisions t h a n are shown here.

Artificial) satellite (space-ship, rocket . . ) In English, however, this item was introduced, and has remained, within only the last lexical set, and with the appropriate contextual meaning. Clearly, then, embedded in a n English T L text, or, now, simply in an English text, sputnik has an English formal and contextual meaning. Since, however, this English meaning of sputnik correlates with part of the total formalcontextual meaning of Russian sputnik we may perhaps speak of partial transference of meaning.

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A Linguistic Theory of Translation by Catford J C

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