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ISBN-10: 0470771275

ISBN-13: 9780470771273

ISBN-10: 0471669369

ISBN-13: 9780471669364

Chapter 1 basic and theoretical elements (pages 1–34): Massimo Simonetta and Paolo Beltrame
Chapter 2 coaching of acyl halides (pages 35–68): Martin F. Ansell
Chapter three Detection, decision and characterization (pages 69–101): Hannah Weiler?Feilchenfeld
Chapter four Acid?base behaviour and intricate formation (pages 103–136): D. P. N. Satchell and R. S. Satchell
Chapter five Directing and activating results of COX teams (pages 137–176): P. H. Gore
Chapter 6 Mechanisms of substitution on the COX team (pages 177–230): Antti Kivinen
Chapter 7 aid (pages 231–251): Owen H. Wheeler
Chapter eight Rearrangements concerning acyl halides (pages 253–292): D. V. Banthorpe and B. V. Smith
Chapter nine Photochemistry and radiation chemistry of carbonyl halides (pages 293–312): U. Schmidt and H. Egger
Chapter 10 organic reactions of carbonyl halides (pages 313–348): Sasson Cohen
Chapter eleven Thiocarbonyl halides (pages 349–380): okay. T. Potts and C. Sapino
Chapter 12 Chloroformate esters and similar compounds (pages 381–453): Dennis N. Kevill
Chapter thirteen The acyl hypohalites (pages 455–500): Dennis D. Tanner and Nigel J. Bunce

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