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Read e-book online Alfred Werner: Founder of Coordination Chemistry PDF

By George B. Kauffman

ISBN-10: 354003577X

ISBN-13: 9783540035770

ISBN-10: 3662111047

ISBN-13: 9783662111048

A iteration in the past, near1y all students who p1anned to turn into chemists have been required to take a direction within the historical past in their topic, yet these days, such classes are not required, and in lots of schoo1s, are usually not even provided. it's argued that the topic of chemistry is increasing so rapid1y that scholars can hard1y grasp the cloth which fills the recent textual content books, to claim not anything of 1earning what chemists inspiration and did a century in the past. even if this perspective has a few validity, it fails take into consideration the even more very important undeniable fact that one can't relatively comprehend or enjoy the current place of technological know-how un1ess he is aware anything of the gradual and tortuous steps in which it deve10ped. His skill to he1p it circulate ahead could be tremendously better through an knowing of the contemplating the chemists who outfitted the theories which we use at the present time. it's been tru1y acknowledged, "He who understands on1y his personal new release is still a1ways a chi1d. " the looks of a booklet which information the start of an outstanding improvement in chemistry is accordingly an important occasion, and one that we welcome warmly. The occasions that are chronieled listed below are now a ways sufficient in the back of us to permit a elear review in their importance, yet elose adequate that there nonetheless stay a number of those that knew WERNER for my part, and who've preserved intimate files of his paintings. therefore, Prof.

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Once again, his prediction was incorrect, for his greatest experimental success, the resolution of optically active coordination compounds, sti11lay in the future. WERNER'S proof of the octahedral configuration for cobalt(III) and similar ions was based upon comparing the numher of isomers actually prepared with the numher theoretically predicted for different configurations. Of the three likely configurations - hexagonal planar, trigonal prismatic, and octahedral compounds of type MA 4B2 and MAsB s should each exist in three forms for the first two configurations, but only in two forms for the last configuration.

The research for the first of these works on conductivity (A 15) was performed in HANTZSCH's laboratory, and the paper constitutes the last article which WERNER wrote while at the Polytechnikum. WERNER particularly treasured his relationship with MIOLATI and especially their joint works on conductivity. The first edition (1905) of his text "Neuere Anschauungen auf dem Gebiete der anorganischen Chemie" (T 2) is "dedicated to his dear friend Herr Prof. Dr. ARTHUR MIOLATI in Turin in remembrance of [their] youthful collaboration".

ABELJANZ'S analytical section was housed in reasona:bly adequate quarters. The other students worked in what they aptly nicknamed the "Catacombs" (Katakomben) - unfinished cellars and storage rooms for wood, so poorly illuminated that artificial gas lighting was required even at noon (Plate 1, page 65). Tbe unhealthy contrast of steam pipes overhead and cold cement floors below, along with the penetrating reek of pyridine (there was no ventilation to speak of) completed the dismal scene. A would-be satirist of the time in a 1900 Weihnachtskommers~' pamphlet announced "a new triumph in Goethe research", claiming that inspiration for the * These memistry student magazines, issued annually in eonneetion with the traditional Christmas party, although invariably loaded with sophomorie exaggeration, still provide a lively glimpse of the esprit de corps of WERNER'S students as well as graphie deseriptions of institute eonditions at the time.

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