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Download PDF by Donald J. Blakeslee: Along ancient trails: the Mallet expedition of 1739

By Donald J. Blakeslee

ISBN-10: 0870814109

ISBN-13: 9780870814105

E-book by way of Blakeslee, Donald J.

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But there was a more immediate danger. By 1719, Comanches had begun to attack New Mexican pueblos as well as Apache camps. When they killed people near both Taos and Cochiti, Valverde y Cosío led an expedition against them (John 1975: 243-247). Moving north into eastern Colorado, he learned of the destruction of some Apache rancherias and the flight of half of the Sierra Blanca band from its traditional lands. On the Arkansas River in eastern Colorado he met with Cuartelejo and Paloma Apaches, who told of other horrors.

Though portrayed as villains in many a Hollywood Western, the Comancheros were in fact peaceful traders who ventured far out onto the Plains to trade with Comanches and Kiowas (Kenner 1969: 78-97). The Indians from the Plains used the same trails to bring goods to trade at the pueblos. Fray Andrés Juárez, missionary to Pecos Pueblo, described the Apache trade there as essential both to the colonists and to the people of Pecos (cited in Kessell 1979: 137). The most important goods they brought to barter were skins and hides, jerked meat and pemmican, tallow, and slaves.

The unraveling of this puzzle will have to be postponed until we have discussed tribal names and locations, as it appears that there were Panimahas in several places in 1739. The Spanish Frontier Organized Spanish exploration of the American Southwest and the Great Plains began with the Coronado expedition of 1540-1542. Following tantalizing hints of what might have been another Aztec or Inca empire, Coronado led an army northward, first to the Zuni pueblos and later to the Rio Grande and the plains of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

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Along ancient trails: the Mallet expedition of 1739 by Donald J. Blakeslee

by David

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